Sharekhan TradeTiger Trading Platform Features

Sharekhan TradeTiger (Trade Fast Trade smart):- Sharekhan TradeTiger is the one of the blazing fast online stock trading Applications.
Sharekhan TradeTiger

Sharekhan TradeTiger give you facilities to trade in.

1. Stock.
2. Derivatives.
3. Commodities.
4. Currency.

What do you get with Sharekhan TradeTiger?

Live Streaming Quotes:- Stock Quote changes as they change in the exchange. You don’t miss even a second.
Access all Trading Calls:- Get Trading calls from Sharekhan’s Technical Desk, fundamental research & day calls.
Advanced Charting features:– See information as you would like to see it, as it is all about spotting opportunities.
Customized Technical Rules:- Create your own chart based or mathematical model based trading rules.
Trade in BSE & NSE:- Buy in NSE, spot an opportunity in BSE & sell within seconds.
Pattern Finder:- Get automatic alerts with Technical Events based on chart patterns.

Salient Features of Sharekhan TradeTiger.

1. A single platform for multiple exchange BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O), MCX, NCDEX, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs.
2. Multiple Market Watch available on a Single Screen.
3. Multiple Charts with Tick by Tick Intraday & End of Day Charting powered with various Studies.
4. Graph Studies include Average, B&-Bollinger, Know SureThing, MACD etc.
5. Apply studies such as Vertical, Horizontal, Trend, Retracement & Free lines.
6. User can save his own defined screen as well as graph template, that is, saving the layout for future use.
7. User-defined alert settings on an input Stock Price trigger.
8. Tools available to guage market such as Tick Query, Ticker, Market Summary, Action Watch, Option.
9. Premium Calculator, Span Calculator.
10. Shortcut key for FAST access to order placements & reports.
11. Online fund transfer activated with 14 Banks.

What’s New in the latest version of Sharekhan TradeTiger?

1. OAlert.
2. AmiBroker Trading BridgE:- Trade From your charting software bridge, Convert your charting signals into actionable Trades, Trace & manage your position with unique position management system.
3. Api Integration.
4. Trade from MS Excel.
5. Advance Option Chain :- Get trading strategies with option quotes in Advance Option Chain.
6. Feel It Say It (new feedback tool).
7. Trade from Charts.
8. ChartBook.
9. Heat Map.
10. Dynamic One Click filter.
11. 6 Trend Indicators :- Spot entry-exit points easily with new trend indicators, Gann hilo Activator Indicators, Accumulation Distribution volume indicators, Ch&e Momentum Oscillator, On- Balance Volume, 12. Price Volume Trend, Money Flow Index.
13. Live Chat :- Get your queries answered right away with live chat.

Yes, Trading in options in now easy with Sharekhan TradeTigers

Crest advanced strategies with options quotes for stocks & indices.
Save time with more than 30 pre-loaded trading strategies.
Manage risk to investments efficiently with portfolio greeks.
Perform what if analysis of your trades..
Neutralise your portfolio’s Greeks with Greek neutralizers.
Study potential profit & loss. & risk & rewards of positions at a glance with pay off charts..

Connect to Sharekhan Customer Care Instantly using Tradetiger

Yes, It is true you can directly connect to sharekhan customer care service instantly using TradeTiger.
Feel It, Say It:- Share feedback without leaving the trading screen.
live Chat :- Speak to live Person about your problems & get prompt solution.
Screen Shot:- Send screen shot of your error message directly from TradeTiger & get solution right away.

Minimum Requirement to Download TradeTiger(Basic)

System:- Works on Pentium 4 Processor or lower

Minimum Operating System Required
Operating System:- Windows 2000/XP.
Processor:- Pentium 4 processor.
RAM:- 512 MB.
Disk Space Required :- 40 MB.
Internet Connection :- DSL or Cable Modem – 64 kbps.
Browser :- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Dot Net Framework :- Framework 2.0
Screen Resolution :- 800×600.

New Features offered with Trade Tiger (Basic)

1. Currency Trading in NSE & MCX with Funds transfer facility from NSE to Currency.
2. Advance Orders (Bracket Order & Trailing Stoploss Order) in NSE Cash & BSE Cash for Big Trade Product.
3. Square Off at Market for Bracket Order.
4. Research section integration in Trade Tiger.
5. Big Trade for commodity

Minimum Requirement to Download TradeTiger(Advance)

System:- Works on Pentium Dual Core Processor or higher.

Minimum Operating System Required
Operating System :- Win 7, Win 8
Processor :- Intel Dual Core
RAM :- 1 GB
Disk Space Required :- 1 GB
Internet Connection:- DSL or Cable Modem – 64 kbps.
Browser:- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Dot Net Framework:- Framework 4.0
Screen Resolution:- 1024×768

Features offered with Trade Tiger (Advance)

1 Square Off at Market for Bracket Order.
2 Research section integration in Trade Tiger.
3 30 Day Intraday Chart. New Studies in Charts: parabolic SAR & Pivot Point.
4 Advance Filters for F&O – One Click Filters, Option Chain.
5 Advance Orders: Bracket & Trailing Stop Loss Order.
6 All features of Trade Tiger Basic.

Download Tradetiger Basic & Advance

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