Motilal Oswal Trading Platform Features

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform is a One of the super fast trading Platform available on all devices. fastest & most reliable technology in financial markets.
1. Link up with 60+ banks.
2. 6000+ supported devices.
3. More than 60000+ Mobile App Downloads.
4. More Than 7 Lakh + Monthly Trades.
Motilal Oswal Trading Platform

Mobile & Tablet.

Multi-Asset Trading Anytime Anywhere On The Move.

  • 1. Super-Fast trading across Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies, investment in Mutual Funds & IPOs.
  • 2. Multi-Asset Watch lists with real-time quotes & advanced charts.
  • 3. Ability to get recommendations across asset classes at your fingertips.
  • 4. Real-time portfolio monitoring tools to help you make investment decisions on the move.
  • 5. Operational Ease – Transfer funds through 60+ banks, Access your reports anytime anywhere.
  • 6. Quick & convenient , one-time login feature along with a secured trading experience.

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform Features

  • My Snapshot:- The “My Snapshot” dashboard is specially designed to provide you instant one view access to all you need to know about your trading account, whether it is your portfolio, positions, margins or pending orders across asset classes. Get access to all of this while you’re on the move.
  • Multi-Asset Watch-Lists:- Enjoy the convenience of creating up-to 4 multi asset watch-lists with real-time streaming quotes across Equities, Derivatives, Commodities & Currencies.
  • One-Step Trade Authentication:- Trading with the app has just got simplified. You can now access your account without the need to login multiple times yet not compromising on security. Only go through a 1-step authentication while placing your trade & leave the rest to us.
  • Trading Across all Asset Classes:- Get the convenience of trading across all asset classes (Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies, Mutual Funds, IPO’s, Bonds & FD’s) on the move with our mobile trading app. Also get the convenience of placing After Market Orders so that you never miss out on any investment opportunity.
  • LIVE Market Streaming:- Track live market movements across Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & currency segments. Get a quick view of Best & Work Performing Sectors & Stocks along with access to major Global & domestic indices to ensure you are always up to date with the markets.
  • Trade Reports:- Enjoy quick & simplified access to all your trading reports across segments such as pending orders, recent trades, position summary, & margins while you’re on the move.
  • Recommendations at your Finger tips:- Get a wide range of actionable advice across all asset classes & time horizons at your finger tips through our mobile app. You can also further filter calls based on your investment needs & risk profile.
  • Secure Fund Transfers:- Forget about missing out on a trading opportunity due to lack of funds in your trading account. Get the ability to do an instant fund transfer from your bank account to your trading account & vice versa on the move through the mobile app. Get the flexibility of transferring funds from more than 60+ affiliated banks.
  • Access Research Reports on the go:- Get access to our research coverage across 244+ companies & 21+ sectors along with smart view of most viewed research reports. Get the ability to instantly look up any report based on company, sector or report name.
  • Last Visited Stocks Watch-List:- No need to remember scrips of your interest & keep looking up for them again & again. Our App smartly does it for you. It remembers your last 5 searches & creates a watchlist of these stocks to help you keep monitoring them faster than before.
  • News:- Get instant access to latest news in the markets & on stocks you wish to track while you’re on the move. What’s more our smart app also pull’s out the important news on stocks held in your portfolio to help you make quick investment decisions.

Smart Watch.

The Motilal Oswal smart watch App is Idia’s first Smart Watch App, & the fastest & most convenient way for you to stay on top of all vital information associated with your investments. This app enables you to be updated with notifications & alerts on latest market statistics, positions/limits updates right from their wrists. It provides you with real-time trading alerts when you’re on the move, in a meeting, on the treadmill, in a movie or grabbing lunch.


  • Notifications- Get instant notifications on all important market updates.
  • Market Update- Get instant info on global indices, market top gainers & losers.
  • My Portfolio- Know your portfolio’s net worth across asset classes.
  • Position update- Know your mark to market & open positions.
  • Available Margins- Check your margin in both cash & commodities segment.

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform Desktop Application.

  • Superfast Trading With Insight, Research, Action & Review Facilities.
  • Super-fast trading execution with 1-second rate refresh.
  • Advanced charting tools & tick-by-tick action watch.
  • Technology enabled Leverage to enable you to get up-to 20 times your margin*
  • Solid Research based recommendations ranging from Hours-Days-Weeks-Months-Years.
  • Trade guide signal – New generation trend guiding tool to auto-generate buy/sell ideas.
  • Access to over 30,000 research reports across all asset classes in a single click.

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform Features

  • High Speed Feeds, Multi-Asset Trading & Execution EVEN at Low B&width.
  • Advanced Charting Tools:- Enjoy a variety of charting options with our Desktop application that provides more than 40 technical indicators in a single scrip. Also get access to a range of customizable indicators like Moving Averages, Bollinger B&, Triple Exponential Moving Average, etc. to aid you in technical analysis.
  • Tick-by-Tick Action Watch:- Motilal Oswal Trading Platform Desktop Application alerts you when a scrip or a group of scrips are available cheaper than the spot rate which help you make instant trading decisions. It also allows you to set customized conditions that help you track the stocks along with giving real-time spread calculations of stocks.
  • Multi-Asset Watchlists:- Keep track of your favorite stocks by creating multiple watch-lists having real time streaming quotes for Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency, all of this in a single sign-on access.
  • News & Analysis Tools.
  • Solid Research:- Get access to our in-depth award winning research reports across 244+ companies & 21+ sectors in a single click. Read reports that are published daily, weekly, monthly & featured reports plus get the ability to instantly look up any report based on company, sector or report name.
  • Advice across asset classes:- Get the ability to instantly action from our range of advice available across all segments & time horizons. Make the right investment & trading decisions based on your risk profile & investment style.
  • Integrated Portfolio Health Check & Review Tools.
  • Trade Guide Signal.
  • Derivative Chain.
  • Quantitative Products:- The new Option Writer does Instant analysis & tells you whether to write options or not, as it may be sensible not to Sell options some times. It detects the Trend & helps you in strike selection, as some times it may be wise to write Higher Call & Nearer Put or Vice versa based on the trend.

Product Features

  • Option to Choose writing preferences like Call/ Put, Writing Aggression, Expiry.
  • Choose the Exposure to write Option against (DP Holding, Futures, Long Options, All).
  • Want to Write without exposure? Do it by creating a Watch list.
  • Mange Risk using Spreads.
  • Select & Execute all the ideas that you like on a Click.
  • Option dCoder:- Option dCoder is a vital tool in management of your options portfolio. The all new Option dCoder helps in dynamically monitoring & managing Option Portfolio like Pro-Option Trader. The tool not only decodes your payoff at different price levels & volatility but also provides risk assessment & management through parameters like market volatility, delta, theta, vega, & gamma.

Product Features

  • Lets you check your PnL as on Today & on Nearest Expiry.
  • Lets you alter (Add/ Reduce positions) Option Portfolio to view your desired pay-off.
  • Guides you in choosing the alterations based on 4 magic numbers (Greeks dCoded).
  • Lets you Execute the final alterations at a Click.
  • Portfolio Optimizer:- Portfolio Optimizer is a high speed product built in our 64 Bit Orionlite Trading terminal which covers a wide range of features that aids the user on a real time basis with an optimized view on its portfolio.

Product Features

  • Provides the most up to date information on the risk & expected return characteristics of your portfolio.
  • Let you manage the Risk Profile of your portfolio.
  • Interactive Risk Return Chart to choose from best combinations of the Portfolio.
  • Well diversified within stocks & sectors with an option to include research for even better diversification.
  • Allows to set alerts & conducts Robust tracking.
  • This terminal-based LIVE application displays & takes comm& to execute the suggested view on real-time basis.

Web Portal.

  • End-To-End Trading & Investing Solutions, Now ONLINE.
  • Single-sign on access to Trade, Track & review your portfolio across all asset classes.
  • Simple & Quick Order execution window integrated with real-time charts & market depth.
  • Access to Smart summary of your holdings, positions & market updates in a single view.
  • Actionable recommendations integrated with BUY/SELL functionality.
  • Instant portfolio restructuring for your Equity & MF holdings with model portfolios.
  • Operational Ease – Transfer funds through 60+ banks, access to all your reports in.


  • Trade & Invest overview:- Get a quick snapshot of your account in one-view whether it is your cash balance, positions, Order Status, portfolio performance across timelines, & Market data. Your transaction information is available on the left panel no matter where you navigate to help you in faster & convenient execution.
  • Order form with Market Depth:- Simple order form across asset classes with integrated market depth & advanced charts to help you get all the relevant data before placing an order.
  • Mutual Funds overview:- Know the new, upcoming & ongoing new fund offers. Get the flexibility of selecting the Mutual Funds you wish to purchase or option to choose from our expert recommendations. Get smart reminders of your upcoming SIPs & portfolio snapshot of the existing Mutual Funds & SIPs.
  • Integrated market information:- Get extensive market information like gainers/losers, most active stocks, top events, news & much more across asset classes integrated in the trading portal.
  • Watchlist with High Conviction Ideas:- In-built High Conviction Idea watchlist along with options to create 3 more watchlists with easy BUY/SELL functionality.
  • Recommendations across asset classes:- Get clear actionable advice across asset classes in one view integrated with BUY/SELL functionality.
  • My Portfolio page:- Get consolidated view of your entire portfolio across asset classes & sectors with alerts, new product information, analysis of top holdings, transaction details, capital gains portfolio restructuring & much more.
  • One View Access to all trading reports:- Enjoy quick access to trading reports such as Order Book, Trade Book, Position Summary, Demat Holdings & much more.
  • Advanced tools:- Trading tools such as Option Writer, Trade Guide Signal, Portfolio Optimizer, Spread Trading etc. to help you make the right decision.
  • Research Reports:- Access a repository of 30,000+ reports & get a synopsis of Latest Reports, Daily Reports & Most Viewed reports.

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Client Portal.

  • One-View Access & Advanced Analytics Of Your Holdings Across Asset Classes.
  • Quick view of Asset & Product wise Portfolio Snapshots with detailed reports.
  • Track your portfolio performance across time horizons.
  • Simple & comprehensive Holding report with LIVE rate updates.
  • Instant access to advanced Profit & Loss reports.
  • Ability to set Customized Market & New Recommendation Alerts.
  • Integrated view of even your NON-MOSL investments.


  • High Speed Feeds, Multi-Asset Trading & Execution EVEN at Low B&width.
  • Advanced Charting Tools.
  • Tick-by-Tick Action Watch.
  • Multi-Asset Watchlists.
  • News & Analysis Tools.Solid Research.
  • Advice across asset classes.
  • Integrated Portfolio Health Check & Review Tools.
  • Trade Guide Signal.
  • Derivative Chain.
  • Quantitative Products.
  • Option dCoder.
  • Portfolio Optimizer.

Portfolio Restructuring Tool.

  • Customized action plan on your holdings integrated with Solid Research.
  • In-depth analysis of your portfolio across asset classes.
  • Analysis by top-stocks, sector allocation, identification of underperforming stocks & more.
  • Clear actionable advice on each stock/fund along with solid research backed view.
  • Snapshot of your proposed portfolio after restructuring.
  • Custom made model portfolios based on your risk profile for worry free investing.


  • In-Depth Portfolio View & Analysis.
  • Scrip on Scrip Advice integrated with MOSL View.
  • Model portfolios suited to your risk profile.
  • Actionable advice on portfolio.
  • Analysis of Proposed Portfolio.
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