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Indiabulls Trading Platform

Indiabulls Trading Platform Dekstop Based Trading Software.

Power Indiabulls:- Indiabulls Trading Platform (PIB) is the integrated online trading platform to invest in Equity, F&O, Commodities & Currency Derivatives. PIB provides the best in the class internet trading features & delivers a seamless & rich online trading experience for its users. PIB comes with a whole host of online features for the internet trading users ranging from real-time stock prices, to live trading reports, Multiple Market watch. Indiabulls Trading Platform gives Intraday charting, technical analysis, price alerts , News Room for seasoned investors & traders. With whole host of advanced online trading features, PIB aims to fulfill the needs of every genre of investors & help trade profitably in every possible way. To subscribe for PIB, you can contact your Relationship Manager / branch.
1. Live Streaming Quotes.
2. Indiabulls Trading Platform proves fast order execution.
3. Multiple Market Watches.
4. Tick By Tick Live Intraday Charts.
5. Portfolio Trackers.
6. Lives News & Alerts.
7. World Market Summery.

Power Indiabulls Benefit.

PIB is the internet based stock trading application, which provides you an unparalleled edge to trade in Indian stock markets. Here are some of the compelling reasons, why you should subscribe for Power Indiabulls (PIB)
1.Integrated online trading terminal for Equities, F&O, Commodities, Currency Derivatives & IPOs.
2. Get rich user interfaces & seamless online trading experience.
3. View live streaming quotes of your preferred scrips, sectors, domestic & global indices through Market Watch window.
4. Enables you to find out how major global indices like Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, FTSE, etc are faring at the moment through World Market Summary.
5. Provides you important trading statistics like Top Gainers /Losers, Most Active, Most Volatile, Only Buyers/Sellers for the current trading day through Market Statistics section.
6. Keeps you updated with the latest developments that could impact Indian stock markets through News Room section.

7. Connects you with the primary market & allows you to keep a trail on the Ongoing & Upcoming IPOs’ through Online IPO feature.
8. Automatically looks for the new version on login & prompts you with an alert to download the latest version to ensure you always work on the latest PIB.

Welcome Screen:- A welcome screen is displayed to the user immediately on login. You can explore the new PIB through the welcome screen & access its improved features like Market Statistics, Welcome alerts, News Room, IPO Calendar, etc on a single page.
Multiple Market Watch:- PIB lets you create multiple Market Watch windows according to your needs. For instance, you can create a different multiple Market Watch windows for Capital Market & Futures & Options & track the preferred scrips / contracts.
Customize Alerts:- A unique option that allows you to set alerts on various scrip-based parameters like LTP, Volume, % Change, etc. The system continuously tracks the set parameters & displays you the message when any alert gets triggered.
Seamless Click Upgrade:- You can now upgrade your PIB version through a single click. PIB continuously looks for new version & prompts you with an alert to download the latest version to ensure you always work on the latest PIB.
Market Statistics:- View the important statistics pertaining to the current trading day like Top Gainers /Losers, Most Active, Most Volatile, Only Buyers/Sellers in Market Statistics section.
Top Gainers/Losers:- Top Gainers/Losers section displays you the stocks that have gained/declined the most during the day.
Most Volatile:- Most Volatile section displays you the stocks that have seen maximum movement during the current trading day.
NRI Trading:- PIB provides a powerful application for NRI investors to trade in the Indian equity markets. NRI clients can trade as per the RBI regulations & track their complete portfolio using the various real time reports offered through PIB. The NRI clients also get access to various value added tools like research reports, live news, live market statistics to provide them the best online trading experience.
Live News:- Live News section provides you real time news from the markets, corporate world & the economy to keep you abreast with the new developments that are likely to impact markets.
Hot Pursuit:- this section displays you information on the stocks that are expected to see tremendous interest during the current day trading.
Corporate News:- this section displays the latest business news about the companies that are listed on Indian stock exchanges.
Economy News- this section provides you latest news related to Indian economy which may affect the overall business & market sentiments.
Real Time Reports:- PIB provides you with various reports that give you a bird’s eye view on your stakes in various segments of the market. The reports are updated real-time while these are opened in your PIB.
Net Portfolio Report:- This report displays your portfolio in the Capital Market. You can also segregate the portfolio on the basis of ‘Cash’ or ‘Margin’ segment.
Current Obligation Report: This report displays the list of Obligations taken in the Capital Market segment during the day. Further, it also displays you the amount that you need to pay / receive for the given obligations.
World Market Summary:- Explore the markets across the globe by tracking the global cues with World Market Summary & find out how major global Indices like Dow Jones, Hangseng, Nikkei, FTSE etc. are faring at the moment.
Customize As You Like:- A unique tool which customizes your PIB the way you want.
Customized Market Watch: You can track your preferred scrips, derivative contracts, domestic & global indices by placing them in single market watch window of PIB. You can open multiple Order Books, Intraday charts, Alerts or any other window & re-size them / place them, as desired on your PIB Terminal. Context Sensitive Help.
The new PIB comes with context sensitive help for every section. You can click on the help icon accessible on various screens to view detailed information about the unique options & features available in the underlying section.

How To Activate Power Indiabulls?

Client can activate/deactivate Indiabulls Trading Platform (Power Indiabulls (PIB)) by marking a mail at only from e-mail ID which he has registered with Indiabulls. Request received from any other e-mail ID will be summarily rejected.

Client may submit the duly filled & signed Power Indiabulls facility form to his Service Relationship Manager or Branch or at the following address.
Indiabulls Ventures Limited (Formerly Indiabulls Securities Limited)
Account Opening Department,
Indiabulls House, 448-451,
Udyog Vihar, Phase-V,
Gurgaon – 122016, Haryana.
Client’s service RM or someone in his hierarchy can send the scan copy of duly filled & signed Power Indiabulls facility form at (scan copy of the form would be accepted).

Website Trading Platform.

Indiabulls trading website allows its customers to place orders online, track transactions, invest in IPO’s & Mutual Funds, Transfer Funds, Track Portfolio & access research reports & news.

Mobile Power Indiabulls (MPIB) Application.

The Mobile Trading Platform of Indiabulls allows Trade in Equity, Access to Real Time Stock Quotes & Market Research Reports, Customized Alerts & Messages, View Margin Report & Trading Account Summary etc. It allows you to trade anytime from anywhere.

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