Full service broker Vs Discount Broker

Get complete details & information regarding Full service broker Vs Discount Broker.
Full service broker Vs Discount Broker

What Is Discount Broker?

A stockbroker who provide service to its clients buy & sell stocks, commodities, currency at a minimum brokerage as compared to a full service broker, but he not provides investment advice to its customers. Discount Broker is the best option for those who are not interested in advisory from broker & wants to make study on its own.

What Is Full Service Broker?

1.Full serviced broker is who provides all kind of service to its client like Research & Advice, Tax tips, Retirement planning & much more.
2.Full service broker commission are much higher than Discount Broker.

Advantage of Discount Broker & Full service Broker.

Advantages Of Discount Broker
1) Discount Broker offers very low brokerage plan.
2) Discount Brokers offers monthly brokerage plan, per trade plan, each segment plan. so u can select best plan as per your requirement.
3) Discount Broker is useful for intraday traders.

Advantages Of Full service Broker
1) Full service broker provides other service like Research, Tips, Portfolio management, etc.
2) Full service brokers provides Relationship managers to all customers.
3) having huge branches network.
4) Best for delivery based trading.
5) Client can visit the branch or office for Trading.

Disadvantage of Discount Broker & Full service Broker.

Disadvantage of Discount Broker.
1) May be there is no office or branches in your city.
2) You have to contact on customer care number for all query.
3) No information about stock markets prices, News, IPOS, Mutual fund on Websites.
4) client cant visit the branch or office for Trading.

Disadvantage of Full Service Broker.
1) Non affordable Brokerage For intraday trading.
2) Brokerage are negotiable only when you shows trading volume to them.
3) Relationship managers are only interested to generate brokerage from client.

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